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Simplicity and luxury is a common   way of life that people pursue in today's life. Shed the appearance of excessive costly, shift attention to the most real space demand, comfortable and leisurely, enjoy the real life.



The case is located in Changsha, Oxys association one city, is a 400 square meters of townhouses. In the overall design, the designer blends various elements with different textures, deducing a fashionable, modern and modern light luxury space, presenting a life journey with rich levels and artistic styles.


项目名称 | Title:奥克斯缔壹城

项目地址 | Address:湖南长沙

建筑面积 | Area:400 ㎡

项目类别 | Project category:别墅空间

空间设计 | Space design:安杰斯设计




Metallic antique furniture, dark green setting wall, warm yellow sofa, elegant grey carpet, the colour of Ming Yan and contemporary design coexist delicately, the colour echo of profusion rhythm is harmonious, with the opportunism that has poetry and individual character more, let each function area organic series series confluence, the administrative levels feeling of the space and fluidity also be vividly shown from this.



The temperature of a home comes from between the kitchen table and the kitchen table。 Open mode kitchen included medium hutch and west hutch, let a space become more appear, bright, increased the oneness on the vision。 Kitchen area is the art of water and fire, with five flavors to reconcile the five senses, will be ordinary ingredients incarnation of extraordinary delicious。 West kitchen area oversized work table, soft candlelight, quiet music, with exquisite dessert buffet, create a romantic food。


真正的品质空间,更为注重家居生活的个性化与多样化。咖啡吧设计,在家也能品尝舌尖的美好,泡一杯咖啡,收获满屋的醇香,让人怦然心动且回味无穷。设计师还根据业主喜好,设置了大量酒柜,邀请三五好友来家中畅饮,把酒言欢,不失 为一种消遣放松的好方式。

The real quality space pays more attention to the individuation and diversification of household life. Coffee bar design, at home can also taste the tip of the tongue, brew a cup of coffee, harvest the mellow aroma of the house, let people heart and endless aftertaste. Designers also according to the owner's preferences, set up a large number of wine cabinets, invited three or five friends to drink at home, wine chat, do not lose a good way to relax.



The study is the union of soul and individual character, have the study that belongs to oneself, put soul empty at this, experience the pleasure that reads. The space overall modelling is simple and generous, do not have various adornment, the line is straightforward and fluent. Occupy the bookcase of whole wall, can place host a large number of books and collectibles, giant landscape painting highlights Oriental brushwork, reveal artistic atmosphere.



Large areas of wooden closets and cabinets can meet the functional requirements of storage while creating a simple and elegant visual effect。 Creating specific function rooms is conducive to image management, feeling and enjoying refinement, and improving the quality of life。



The exhibition room is a quality embodiment of the whole house. dark tiles with strong line feeling are selected to cover the ground, and light square display tables are used to highlight the focus of the exhibition, so that the space has a sense of hierarchy and achieves a harmonious effect. Crafts that embody the spirit of craftsmen are scattered and placed. Colorful colors and complicated patterns shine brightly in the shallow soft light and will last forever in the long river of history. This is the artistic manifestation of the region and the enhancement of the lasting appeal of the whole design.



Warm white is the main color, emphasizing peace and freedom. The design of the small balcony takes comfort into consideration, providing more activity space for the elderly and increasing the brightness of the whole house, thus opening up a well-lit rest area for relaxing leisure time.





The attic area was designed as a children's room. Special-shaped space adds tong Qu more, stylist USES dimensional pattern clever setting, helped the kid to make an exclusive secret base. Customized tatami, including bookshelves, storage cabinets, beds and other functions, can also meet the needs of learning, storage, rest and other needs. At the door, a model robot guards the small world.




Here comfort and inspiration happen to meet

Here everything is just right

Enjoy the beauty of life




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